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Droppa is Simple & Sustainable.

Our software

Our software

User friendly registration of exchanges, returns and claims on your web

Access to all data and KPIs for better decision making

Heavily reduced work load in Customer Service

Our software

Our reverse logistics

Own network of DropSpots with in person returns

We aggregate returns from multiple merchants in re-usable boxes

We accept traditional shipping, the customer chooses

Our software

Our Return Hub

We take care of your returns, you receive them shelf ready

ReCommerce, charity or recycling as alternative

A new Eco System is growing

Your money
is safe with us

Our software

We are building the best customer experience

Quicker refunds

No shipping label or packaging material

Customer friendly flow with one click exchanges

Full customer transparency

Our software

We streamline and cut costs

Lower shipping costs through bulk transportation

Less work load in CS through automatization

Lower WH costs through efficient handling

Faster time to shelf through dedicated returns focus

Our software

We are resilient

Bulk transportation gives lower CO2 emissions immediately

We use existing routes and/or fossil-free partners

We make your returns sellable instead of discarding them

We decrease the use of packaging material, send less air and our containers are re-used


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How do I return with Droppa?

When shopping with a merchant connected to Droppa, you simply visit the merchant’s return information page on their website. Via our online registration tool you’ll find your order and choose which item(s) to return. After you’ve registered your return you can choose to visit one of our convenient DropSpots to drop your return, or choose to ship it via a courier of your choice with our provided waybill.

Which e-commerce companies use Droppa?

You’ll find the list of Droppa merchants here

How is Droppa more sustainable than traditional returns?

Droppa is putting and end to shipping returns one by one. Instead of packing single items in cardboard boxes we commingle them in our Droppa containers before shipping. This means one Droppa container can hold up to 40 returns, with no cardboard or unnecessary air filling up space. We only use fossile free transportation partners in our entire logisitics chain. In addition to this, we put a lot of time and effort into making sure returns can be sold again, minimizing the need to discard clothing and items. Our mission is zero items in the incinerator or landfill!

Do I need a shipping label and box to use Droppa?

Nope, you can just bring your piece of clothing or item to our DropSpot, and we will provide you with our recyclable bags for packing and shipping.