Manage returns from all of your customers easy as a breeze. Get an efficient return handling process to save hours of work while making your customers even happier.
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Droppa's one-stop return platform

Improve efficiency

By using Droppa integrated with your WMS we help reduce return management to a single scan and save you endless hours of manual labour.
  • Get all data about a return with a single scan.
  • No more hassle trying to read hand written forms.
  • Save hours and hours of handling time.
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Grow profitability

Boost profitability by creating a streamlined return process across all your customers and reducing time spent on each return.
  • Unified return process from all customers
  • Lower your cost per return and improve your margin
  • Help you scale with a more efficient labor force 


Exceed expectations and provide extra value to your customers by offering a return portal that will help automate returns.
  • Fully personalized return portal to their customers.
  • Provide the tools needed to reduce and automate returns
  • Earn recurring revenue for your referrals
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