Great returns for e-commerce

Droppa gives your the tools needed to take control over your returns. Get insights to reduce your return rates and automate your return management. All while proving the best possible experience to your customers.
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Droppa's one-stop return platform

return PORTAL

Let your customers register a return, exchange, or claim through your own self-service return portal. While letting go of paper forms and support tickets.
  • Spend no time on return management and automate the process for you and your customers.
  • Fully branded return portal and best-in-class customer experience.
  • Collect return reasons like never before and let the data guide you how to reduce returns.
Digital Return Registration phone screens
Exchanged phone screens


Don’t lose out on valuable revenue from the sales you've made. Let our workflow improve your exchange rate to retain otherwise lost revenue.
  • Change color, size or to another product within the category
  • One-click exchanges, easy as a breeze
  • Convert refunds into revenue 

Store credits

Retain revenue from a lost sales and drive more business by offering store credits before refunds.
  • Fully personalized return portal to their customers.
  • Offer a bonus on top of the credit to incentivize repurchasing over refunds
  • Help the customer find something he/she needs without stress
Store Credits phone screens

Are you ready to turn returns into revenue?

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Insights and Data phone screen

Insights & data

We collect data throughout the return process, and we capture the full picture of why, what, and how customers return.
  • Provides you with actionable insights to reduce your return rate
  • Leverage return reason reporting to improve product quality, impact purchasing decisions, and drive changes to size guides and product descriptions
  • Use our custom dashboards or enrich your existing data through our data feed

Dynamic return rules

Automate your returns and tailor the experience with your return reasons, fees, return-window, or policies for different markets, customer segments, or product categories.
  • Help the customer and offer a relevant process and experience based on the customer's need
  • Lower your return cost and time to shelf based on dynamic rules for returns
  • Create VIP or black-list customer segments based on your rule setting
Dynamic Return Rules phone screens
Return Shipping phone screens

Return shipping

We have seamless integrations with your preferred shipping providers, with built-in smartness in our return shipping selector.
  • Rule-based shipping selector to optimize for cost, product type, speed of return, or most sustainable options
  • Recapture cost by charging for return shipping
  • Hassle-free experience with digital return labels

Return Tracking & Proactive notifications

Droppa’s software helps the merchant to keep the customer informed at all stages. Reduce incoming customer queries with a fully transparent return process and status updates throughout the return journey.
  • Inform your customers automatically and proactively through email and SMS
  • Decrease customer support cases by more than 60%
  • Fully traceable returns with our branded return tracking page
Return Tracking phone screens

Multi returns

Droppa offers a one-of-a-kind aggregated return flow, from digital registration to using the same parcel and courier for multiple returns and products across different merchants. We take care of the reverse logistics to your warehouse or store.
  • Create a truly unique and unmatched customer experience
  • Save on return shipping costs
  • Decrease your CO2 footprint significantly by removing parcel air, shipments and miles
Multi Returns phone screens
Return Management Software phone screens

Return Management Software (RMS)

Our RMS allows for a streamlined return management process in your warehouse. Don’t let old systems and inefficient processes impact your work, instead let us put a smile on your return operators faces.
  • Increase QC process efficiency up to 50%
  • Improve efficiency and customer communications in CS
  • Integrated with your WMS, ERP and CS system for smooth collaboration

All features

Digital Return Registration form

  • Multi-returns
  • Automated return communications
  • Automated Claims form
  • 1-click exchanges
  • Store credits
  • Dynamic return rules
  • Status updates and tracking
  • Branded Experience (return form, email, tracking page)
  • Customizable return reasons
  • Return shipping check-out
  • Return in store
  • Digital return label
  • Shipping cost optimization
  • Multi-language support
  • One-click exchanges (size & color)
  • Store credit refund
  • Return window and fees
  • Nonreturnable items
  • Customer segmentation
  • VIP customer segments

Operational excellence

  • Return management software integrated with your ERP, WMS, and CS system
  • Configurable QC checks
  • Configurable reject reasons
  • Dynamic rule settings and refunds
  • Automated pro forma management
  • CS system integration with full return management capabilities
  • Return tracking page plugin
  • Static return status notifications
  • Proactive return status notifications
  • Return order creation in WMS
  • Status call-back API (including shipping providers)

CS system integration

  • Search for all returns & claims
  • Create ticket from app
  • Create label from app
  • Create ticket for all claims

Data & insights

  • Overview dashboard with key KPIs
  • Return reason reporting
  • Drill through category & product level
  • Drill through to returns per customer
  • Returns forecasting reporting
  • True-cost of return analysis
  • Profitability reporting (product & customer level)
  • Call to action-based reporting
  • Return lookup tool
  • In-depth reason data collection
  • VIP Package with
    • Goal setting and best practice session
    • Call to action recommendations and follow up
    • Quarterly data insight follow up
  • Digital shipping labels
  • Shipping
  • Freight selector
  • Return tracking
  • Proactive notifications
  • Bin insights for inbound prioritization
  • Full support


  • Postnord
  • DHL
  • Centra
  • Shopify
  • Bring
  • Nshift
  • Logent