Droppa partner with Instabee

February 14, 2023


We are happy to introduce our new integration to Instabee.

Instabee is the coalition of Instabox, Budbee and Posterbody. Together they serve thousands of online merchants, reaching more then 45 million consumers across Europe. Focused on a consumer-centric and sustainable solutions, they deliver parcels using muscle power, electricity, biofuel, and renewable diesel.

The new integration allows merchants using the Droppa return portal to add both Budbee and Instabox to their return freight option. Currently the integration support returns through the smart boxes provided by Instabee. Customers looking to return goods will simply select Budbee or Instabox in the return portal, choose a box located near them that is the most convenient and press confirm. Information about how to access the locker is then sent by email.

This addition powers e-commerce brands to meet the rising customer demand for flexibility and convenience doing returns. An important step in the overall customer experience as an online merchants. With the ease of using in a digital return portal connected to you favourite shipping methods, returns have now been made easier for both e-commerce brands and their customers.

Contact information

Simon Haglund
Chief Commercial Officer

Amar Dedic
Partner Manager