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How Adoore boosted turnover by 8% through returns

April 16, 2024

“Droppa is a pivotal tool in helping us to take informative actions and battle returns. ”
Matilda Landhör
Head of E-Commerce


ADOORE is a Scandinavian premium fashion brand founded in 2017 by fashion entrepreneur Petra Tungården.

ADOORE focuses on fit and the female silhouette. The clothes are designed with a deep understanding of the female body and attention to detail, and fill a gap by offering well-fitted clothing that customers can feel proud to wear for years to come. 

The challenge with escalating return rates within the fashion industry is no secret and ADOORE is no exception to this. That’s why reducing returns is a top priority for ADOORE and plays a pivotal role in their growth journey. 

Struggling with data and missing exchanges

Among their initial initiatives was the adoption of return software, opting for a renowned brand in Sweden. However, the need for extensive data & insights, as well as an effective way of managing exchanges led them to seek an alternative solution. Turning to Droppa, they sought a reliable partner with great UX to match their brand experience, and prioritized accessibility to valuable data.

“Our main struggle was the lack of data reporting and analysis, we had a super hard time following up on return KPIs. It wasn't time effective for us and we needed to create our own reports in Excel which took us a long time before we were able to do any actions.
That made it hard for us to take any decisive actions - both to help the customer and to make the right decisions for our business to reduce returns. ”
- Matilda Landhör, Head of E-Commerce

ADOORE's challenges mirror common issues in the industry: low data visibility, way too many hours of manual work, and no effective way of reducing returns proactively. Lacking the insights where every return becomes a surprise. These hurdles created a daily struggle, demanding constant problem-solving efforts and burdening the entire team with excessive workload, while not being able to prevent returns.

New insights leading to 8% boost in annual turnover

The need for a more efficient returns and exchange process, free from hours spent combing through Excel sheets became clear. When implementing Droppa the discovery of deep return data became possible, and leveraging the Droppa Dashboard provided newfound insights in addressing issues, sometimes even before they arose.

“ Before Droppa we had no clue which products we were waiting for to be returned and the value of our returns, so every time it was a surprise. Now we can be prepared with actions for the products, regarding marketing, on-site, and newsletter. “
- Matilda Landhör, Head of E-Commerce

With the introduction of Droppa and a data-driven dashboard, ADOORE now possesses tools to both battle returns and offer each customer a more personalized experience. These enhancements include trackable returns, instant exchanges, real-time warehouse monitoring, and comprehensive customer data analysis. Through the implementation of these tools, ADOORE has not only optimized its operations but also gained the ability to effectively analyze its products. The result of this is a win-win situation for both ADOORE and their customers.

“ We have decreased our return rate during this year and see a positive trend when it comes to the customers' return behavior. We also see an increasing number of exchanges, helping us to retain revenue. Droppa is a pivotal tool helping us to take informative actions and battle returns. ”
- Matilda Landhör, Head of E-Commerce

With these new tools, ADOORE can now take proactive action, preventing returns before they happen, and increase the number of exchanges to retain revenue. It also provides an overall improved process with a great customer experience and less manual work for the ADOORE team.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, the possibility of returning goods in-store will further enhance the customer experience, all while remaining seamlessly connected to the Droppa system. This will help provide valuable insights on store behavior, enriching ADOORE's understanding of customer interactions and making bad returns a thing of the past.

Matilda Landhör
Head of E-Commerce
“Droppa is a pivotal tool in helping us to take informative actions and battle returns. ”